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Thank you for doing a great job for me

I have to mention a big thank you to a friend and competitor of mine who helped me out.

We were due to action some carpet cleaning Warrington for a long standing customer of ours.

Due to an operation to my knee I was unable to action the works.

So I contacted a friend for some assistance. We do not like letting our customers down no matter what the circumstances are.

What I wanted them to do was action the clean on my behalf for the same costing I quoted.

This job was at a hotel being 55 bedrooms to be completed in a week.

When I was working at the hotel prior, I used the steam extraction process. This is what I asked Jason to do.

The reason I chose to sub contract to Jason, was that we go to the same church, so I knew he would do a good job. We have worked together on a large job before a few years ago, plus we have known each other for a number of years. We even trained on the same training course many years earlier.

The customer was pleased with the work carried out. Jason also used a truck mount, as we do, along with 250ft of hose, which is more than enough to cope with what needed doing.

Thanks Again.

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