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Looking for a trusted expert carpet cleaning service in Newton Le Willows? Well, look no further. We have numerous years of experience in this sector, making us one of the most trusted and professional companies in the area. We pride ourselves in using non-toxic methods to protect our customers, their families, and pets. Not only can we deliver an expert carpet cleaning service, we are also experts in, but upholstery cleaning be it leather or fabric, rug cleaning, mattress cleaning, pet stain removal, and odour removal. When our technician arrives at your premises for your appointment they will survey the condition of the item to be cleaned and other items for cleaning and provide you with the best cleaning system to be used so your fabrics look as good as new. All you will have to do is sit back and relax knowing your home will be clean and sanitized when we are finished.

My team consists of trained and experienced professionals who have been dealing with the toughest cases of stain removal, pet stains, odour removal issues for over the past 15 years. They have the knowledge and training to tackle all kinds of problems in both residential and commercial scenarios. Dirty and stained fibres can be the result of pet hair, children spilling food and drinks and also due to lack of regular scheduled cleaning. We will provide you with an array of options which we ensure that your home or commercial property continues to look as good as new. Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and provide effective solutions for the toughest stains. It is our constant practise to provide you with services that correspond to the highest standards within the industry.

One of the popular systems we use is hot water or steam extraction.

This system can be used on a lot of fabrics, however, as mentioned not all fabrics can endure this system. The reason being is that they can shrink or warp. And this is where the training, hands-on experience all count.

You may be wondering how we would clean your carpets. Some people think it is straight forward. Believe you me it is not. We need to understand the stains being tackled, and which is the safest method to remove them, what odours exist, urine removal, and the level of dirt. Check for colour fastness.


What chemical will be applied? All this is a natural process for us, however, for insurance purposes, every item cleaned has to have the survey report attached to the invoice. We do understand that some customers may take a chance and hire a rental carpet cleaning machine in Newton Le Willows. We often get calls from customers after they have attempted their own clean, are disappointed with the results, are now experiencing mildew issues, or whatever they have cleaned has marks in them, or the item is still wet, days after and is starting to smell.

Let me explain how we would undertake the work for you.

To ensure we can deliver the best possible outcome we have a procedure list which we adhere to.

1/  Thoroughly hoover.  As the saying going preparation is King. Even if you have we will want to repeat. When we hoover a typical lounge would take around ten minutes. We reach into the nooks, crevices and anywhere else.

2/ Apply the chemical compound. Again this will vary on the makeup of the fabric.

3/ Once this has been applied we will allow this to dwell. The reaction we require is for the grease and grime to break down.

4/ We will now steam clean the carpets or other items.

5/ The areas we clean are broken down in segments. Once a segment has been cleaned we will check it, to ensure nothing has been left behind. We will also check for stains.

As we are using steam, this will also destroy odours, dust mites, and allergens, leaving your cleaned items sanitised.

6/ Should you wish we will comb the fibres back into place, or leave the shark teeth outline. A lot of customers like this but it will go within 24 hours

As mentioned earlier the steam cleaning is not for every fibre or carpet.

If this method was used on a Wilton carpet it would shrink, this is why we have alternative methods such as low moisture, or dry cleaning methods.

Carpet Cleaning Tips for the home

If you do experience a stain, why not use this tip.

Remove as much of the stain as you can using a spoon. Always drag the stain contaminants inwards.

Don’t use any of the stain sprays you can purchase from the shops, they do not work. Instead, have a spray bottle. Fill the bottle three-quarter full of water, and the balance with white wine vinegar. Spray onto the stain and allow the cleaning solution to penetrate the fibres for a minute or two.

Using a white towel fold into a square and place over the area to be treated. Now stand on the towel for a few seconds. Remove the towel and inspect. You may need to repeat this process until you’re happy with the results. A slight odour may be present for an hour or so, but you have saved yourself a call out charge.

This process can be used on rugs and upholstery.

One thing you must avoid at all costs is when removing a stain you never rub. This can lead to fibre damage.

 Do not use hair dryer’s carpet to dry the carpet after your stain removal attempt. Just let it dry naturally. The reason being is if you think the stain has gone, great, however, if there are remnants the stain could reappear but will be sealed in due to the drying process.

 It is best to steam clean the carpet regularly especially if you have pets, or you are in a rented property were the bond being returned depends on the state of the carpets at the end of your tenancy. Doing the carpet cleaning yourself would help you to maintain a carpet better and this is cheaper than getting a professional carpet cleaner to get your carpets cleaned every time. Going through our tips before buying a deep-cleaning machine can help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of one.

 You can also get rid of obstinate stains by using lemon juice or non-chlorine bleach. Brushing the area with hydrogen peroxide solution can also help to remove stains without damaging the carpet.

Vacuuming the carpet regularly helps to reduce dirt and the same deposits.

Using a mat at the entrance can eliminate the excess dirt at the doorstep itself and keep the interiors cleaner. Why not have runners in place of your sofa also?

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