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Did you know we clean carpets, fabric upholstery, leather upholstery, and all types of rugs?

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We care about the environment while cleaning carpets in Warrington

The task of cleaning your carpets or upholstery is not an easy ordeal as some people may think.

Families with children, pets, and husbands will bring a lot of unwanted dirt into the family home, and as time goes by you become used to the stains, the smells, and change in colour of the carpets fibres.
Different carpets require a different approach and with our years of knowledge we know how to get the job done correctly. Our machines are very powerful and can leave your carpets dry in just a few hours.
From the fruit juice spilt by the little one, to the other half drinking too   much, that glass of red wine, our talented team can bring your carpets back to life. With a vast array of chemicals and years of knowledge, and our secret methods at our disposal those dirty carpets don’t stand a chance with us.
What are our normal stains or issues that we come across on a daily basis?
With the family home always dashing around things are bound to be spilt or dropped.

Some of the stains we come across or issues are

1/ Red wine
2/ Tea and coffee stains
3/ Blue Tack and chewing gum
4/ Makeup
5/ Urine
Urine in our carpets and upholstery
We know that your animals are loved like family so they have a place in your house too. We also realise that special cleaning attention is necessary that some pet owners don’t get a chance to do. Because of this our team services you with our pet stain removal services ideal for any home or business owner who has pets around.
The crucially important part when cleaning a pet stain is attending to the stain as quickly as possible. With our flexible hours and dependable staff our professionals are able to touch up your pet messes promptly and thoroughly. As a result of the animal stains containing components that can wreak havoc on your floors and carpets very quickly.
Customers need to tidy up the mess first then call us for professional services. If you don’t hurry to have the stain removed properly there is a chance of damage and odours that can be hard to remove. When a stain proves difficult to remove there may be a need for several treatments before the stain or odour can be removed.
Pet stains can be attracted to hard floors just like carpets and rugs. Totally cleaning all pet soils is important from hard floors when the moment arises. Not only are pet messes unsanitary and unsightly they are bad for you too. Also, removing pet stains is important because pets will remember that spot that they used in the past. When the stain and odours are not totally cleaned up there is a likely chance that the spot will continue to be the bathroom for the pet on your floor routinely. It is best to call an expert who can totally get rid of the total animal stain residues and odours to elude re-soiling your floors and future damage.
Pet keepers with stain woes always try a professional for assistance in cleaning all pet messes. If you don’t know the correct way to clean up a pet odour or stain you’ll probably only do more harm causing the stain to be a permanent mark on the floor. Therefore it is vital to get hold of an expert on pet stain removals like our trained carpet and floor cleaning team. Our staff sees the different ways to get rid of each and every pet stain difficulties. So call us today for nice and helpful pet stain removal in your area.
So we provide a full line of pet stain cleaner techniques and products designed to best serve the demands of each customer and their floors. Our state of the art pet stain cleaning systems will remove the stress of cleaning pet stains from your home so you can enjoy your life and the home you love. Our staff recognize that the cleanliness of your home is significant to the health of your family and pets for that reason we work to do the best possible and present our customers with the best we can. Our staff specialized in pet stain cleaning so you don’t have to worry about it.
Whatever upholstery or sofa’s you own around your home or office, be it chairs, settees, sofas and more you can count on the services of a cleaning service like the one offered by As upholstered furniture is amongst the most commonly used, the wear and tear and the ravages of time are what affects the way it looks. A good look is important with furniture in an office or a home as it speaks volumes about the nature of the people living or working in these conditions.
If you are worried about the condition of your upholstery once our cleaning technicians are done with it, you need not worry. Our staff are fully trained in the use of correct chemicals and cleaning process, ensuring the proper use of these according to the nature of the given material. They will only use chemicals matching the fabric they are working with during the cleaning process. The use of environmentally friendly products is also something else we work with, so you don’t need to worry about harsh chemicals and painful stains.
If you are worried about the identity of the people working on your premises, we can ensure that too as our technicians are fully vetted and carrying proper identification. We find security of the utmost importance when working with our clients as trust is one of the most important aspects of any business.
We use a powerful hot water extraction cleaning system, capable of a quick and efficient cleaning within a short period of time. We can guarantee your furniture will be cleaned and ready for use once again in a comfortable time frame. It is our goal to place a focus on customer satisfaction from your first contact with our team to the finishing touch of a given task. We offer free estimates for upholstery cleaning at a time available to you, professional advice on upholstery care and more.
Your upholstery is leather. This is also something else we clean. With leather being a beautiful item only the best products are used to bring back the yang back. Greasy patches from the head, sweaty hand marks on the arms, transfer of dye from clothes. We clean these issues away for you.
For an easy cleaning quote call our team at  or book your upholstery cleaning on line and we will contact you as soon as possible within the same day with the information you require.
Are you currently in need of rug cleaning?
What we love about rugs is their attractive, gorgeous colours, the way they blend with the environment of our home and the patterns they form. They have been around for centuries in various cultures around the world, often considered true works of art woven by our hands. We take the love you have for your rugs into account and we know they deserve the proper treatment and maintenance so they can stay fresh. Without said maintenance the dirt accumulated through their use can become dangerous as dust mites and bacteria will gladly make their home within its fibres. Dust mites feed on hair and skin flakes left behind from our passing and without regular cleaning they will thrive on those and multiply in number. We will gladly alleviate the pain of that problem by giving you a chance to perform those cleaning routines for you. This will improve their overall condition and you will enjoy a healthy, clean environment at home.
We are well aware of how sensitive all rugs are. For that reason we are aware that they need to be treated more carefully than other floor covers. We will treat them with no harsh chemicals causing discoloration, first removing the loose dirt and other surface issues, then deep cleaning them via eco-friendly means.
Our cleaning team is fully trained and they know how to handle rugs, carpets and pretty much any surface around a home with care. They will deal with this in a professional manner befitting the treatment your rugs require. All members of our team are fully vetted and they carry their identification badges at all time, making sure you know who you work with. You can also require references on every single place they’ve worked at so you can be sure they are good at what they do.
Whatever size rug you want cleaned, we can handle it. It doesn’t matter what type of material it is, or at what age it is – we will handle everything you throw at us.
All we require from you are the dimensions and small details concerning the rug itself and we will give you the estimate on how much it would cost you to get it cleaned. This is a free quote that requires no action but a phone call or online booking on your part. You can either call us at 01925 540613 or use our website’s enquiry page and we will contact you shortly to arrange any details.
Did you know we also clean mattresses?
We spend a long time in bed and we shed dead skin, sweat, have sex, and the dog sometimes sleeps with us.
Keeping your bed healthy is so important especially if any members of the family suffer with asthma.
Did you know that a mattress not professionally cleaned at least once a year will hold up to 10 million dust mites?
We try to accommodate all our customers’ requirements as best we can. We do work weekends and evenings also.
If you just need some advice please give us a call. A chat is always free.
Professional carpet cleaning services covering Warrington, Liverpool, Manchester, Chester, Wigan, St Helens, Widnes, Runcorn. Call us now on 07941 917365
Q: How long will it take for my carpet or rugs to dry?

A: Our advanced cleaning methods and equipment allows us to extract over 95% of water used to clean your carpet. This means your carpets will be completely dry within 3 to 5 hours of cleaning. You and your family can walk on your rug immediately after cleaning, but waiting until completely dry (3-5 hrs) assures the best results. Oriental rugs being dropped off after being cleaned at our facility are ready for immediate use upon delivery.

Q: How far in advance does it take to set up an appointment to get my rugs cleaned?

A: Once you contact us, we can schedule an appointment immediately and clean your carpets within on work week. Turnaround time for Pick and a return Delivery service of Oriental rugs is usually to 5 working days.

Q: Will you be able to remove the stains?

A: While we cannot guarantee stain removal, we are successful in removing well over 95% of all the stains we come across. Sometimes we may re dye bleached areas of your rug.

Q: Are the chemicals you use to clean my carpets harmful to children, pets or the environment?

A: No. All of the chemicals we use on carpets are safe, non-toxic and biodegradable. They are among the most highly tested in the industry and have been created with the safety of those who live on them in mind.

Q: Does having my rugs professionally cleaned protect them from further stains or becoming dirty again?

A: Cleaning your rugs will lengthen their life, but a stain guard can be applied .This application will help to help prevent future stains and allow for easier clean-up of spills. A stain protector will keep your rugs cleaner longer and reduce the likelihood of permanent staining.

Q: Can you remove pet stains and pet odours from our rugs?

A: Warrington carpet cleaners are successful in removing most pet stains and odours. We have techniques that take advantage of ultraviolet lighting to locate specific problem areas on your rug. We can then neutralize the acids in these areas (for example, alkali which the main acid found in pet urine). This approach assures that odours will not be covered up, instead they will be eliminated. The rugs are then cleaned and deodorized.

Q: How often should my carpets be professionally cleaned?

A: The chart below shows the cleaning interval recommendations of the Ncca. These frequencies have been determined to provide optimum indoor air quality.



Contaminated Outside Dusty

Extremely Cold Weather Climates

High Humidity Biogenic

2 persons, non-smoking

6-12 months

2 months

4-6 months

4-6 months

2 persons, smoking

4 months

2 months

3 month

4 months

Have young children

6 months

1 month

3 month

3 month

Young children with pets

3-6 months

1 month

2 months

2 months

End of tenancy carpet cleaning

We provide an end of tenancy carpet clean.The property needs to be clean an odour free for the next tenant. We provide an invoice detailing the works carried out which can also be shown to your landlord.

Q: My carpet is made of a specialty fabric, can it be safely cleaned?

A: Yes. We carefully assess each rug before every cleaning. We clean Berber/cotton/silk/sisal/chintz/rayon/olefin/flokati/navajo/wool rugs and many others on a daily basis. Over 50 major carpet manufacturers endorse our cleaning method as the best way to clean any carpet.

Q: Is DIY shampooing my carpets okay?

A: Absolutely not. We do not use or recommend shampooing or excessive scrubbing your rug or carpet. Doing so causes a major build-up of residue. Shampooing and scrubbing does not extract dirt and chemicals from your rug and instead works them into the backing of it. There, the dirt and residue can cause the rug to break down and dramatically shorten the life of your rug. Excess moisture and bacteria will do the same. Find out about our cleaning methods.

Q: How quickly could you visit me?


As we are based in Warrington, anyone in the 01925 are could be visited within 48 hours. It all depends on out workload and what work you need to be actioned