So, if+ your family are sports mad, have a dirty husband or dog or someone has trodden the outside into the inside, don’t worry, our
cleaning system can come to your rescue.

Our carpet cleaning machine is the hot wet extraction system, which makes this the best system for the removal of dirt and stains. They
inject hot water, deep into the fibre to shake and disturb dirt from the fibres of the carpet, and then we remove the water and dirt by use of
a powerful vacuum system. This leaves your carpets, rugs, and fabric upholstery looking as clean as possible. Our powerful machines and
technician’s will all your stains too be it, protein, food, oil.

All Carpets trap odours which we get used to. As a standard delivery charge, we use odour eliminators on all our jobs.

When you vacuum, you think you have eliminated all the debris, allergens held within your carpets and upholstery. Not so.

Even the best household vacuum cleaners on the market don’t remove the deep-down carpet fibres won’t release.

The average family home gathers 4 kg of dust each year and 90% of house clean is comprised of our skin or that of dust mites which we
shed at regular intervals. A customary nourishment supply for the tidy parasites and microorganisms that breed in our rugs.

We are good however we can’t turn water into wine, so wish we could, what we can do is bring your carpets and upholstery back to life
with the deepest carpet clean around.

Providing very powerful machines capable of producing high levels of psi and controlled heat.

Not only this, the chemicals we use are also very good. We use them in our own home so it’s only correct that we provide the same
service to your home.

Our company has been trading for many years now and our operatives are fully trained and insured. Having worked within government
buildings, large companies, care homes, restaurants and the residential sector.

The power of our machines ensure that your carpets and upholstery are cleaned and dry in a timely manner. Carpets can sometimes be
dry in a little as 30 minutes depending on the fibres of the carpet but we advise 2/4 hours.

We accommodate the business world and residential by working to hours to suit you. So, if it is a weekend, evening call out or through the
night we are the company for you.

We are able to provide a urine, odour removal, and allergen cleaning service also.

If you just need some advice, please give us a call. A chat is always free.
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